Welcome to Event Horizon!

Welcome to Event Horizon!
Who are we?
Event Horizon is a community of players of various video games, primarily games with a heavy emphasis on player building and engineering. Event Horizon also hosts servers for several of these video games, including the most popular server for Interstellar Rift. For more information about the IsR server, see this directory of information.
If you’d like to hang out in our community, we do have some rules you need to follow. Make sure to read those before continuing further.

What are we about?
Event Horizon is comprised largely of builders and designers. Any problem can be overcome by designing, building, or coding a solution. (Of course, shooting the problem is a solution we apply as well at times.)
We encourage the free and friendly sharing of game information, building techniques, and best practices for the various games we engage in, for both game veterans and new players.

The rules say EH is a pro-PvP community. What does this mean?
We view PvP as something that can make many video games far more engaging and enjoyable. While we do not require Event Horizon members to be pro-PvP; players who are upset at those who do engage in PvP are not welcome. See our Philosophy of Video Games.

What are organizations?
Organizations are groups of players under the umbrella of Event Horizon. You would probably call them fleets, clans, or guilds. The term organization was chosen for it’s more neutral meaning.
On the Interstellar Rift game server, organization are granted special privileges. See IsR Organization Stations.
Please note that you don’t have to join an organization to be a community member of Event Horizon or the Event Horizon Alliance, independents are also welcomed. If you’d like to work more closely with other players, you can join (If they’ll take you) any organization at any time. See this page for a list of factions that you might be able to join (PM the leader of the organization on Discord to ask about openings), or see #request-organization on the Discord server if you and a few other players would like to start your own.

What is the Event Horizon Syndicate?
The Event Horizon Syndicate is a subset of the Event Horizon community. The EHS’s main goal is to provide it’s members the benefits of a large centralized clan without as many of the drawbacks. For more information (including how to join) see this page.