Event Horizon Syndicate

The Event Horizon Syndicate is a faction for the MMO Starbase. The Syndicate is a non-specialized faction with an emphasis on staying independent (though not isolated) from other factions. We plan to spend much of our time developing permanent bases and transportation infrastructure; though generally the Syndicate does not plan on placing restrictions, if any, on what it’s individual members spend most of their time on.
Membership in the Syndicate is open to all players who are willing to abide by the regulations of the Syndicate, and the rules of the Event Horizon community at large. Talk to NathanIsOnline on our Discord about joining the Syndicate. If you’re from another faction that would like to work with/trade with the Syndicate in some way, you can also contact NathanIsOnline on our Discord or the Starbase Discord.

Syndicate Regulations
1) Be Civil
This is essentially the same as Section #1 in the general rules for Event Horizon, but it’s a rule that bears repeating. It’s a game, there’s nothing anyone can do to warrant starting a screaming match.
2) Maintain EHS’s Reputation
Originally this was “Be Honorable”, but that implied EHS members weren’t allowed to use ambush tactics, espionage, sabotage or similar tactics, things that are completely allowed. The goal of this rule is to be able to establish a consistent reputation with other players and factions. Other groups and players should be able to rely on EHS members doing what they said. This applies to trade deals (no skipping on payment for an agreed upon deal); players offering cargo in exchange for safe passage from pirates (you can’t blow them up anyway after accepting the cargo transfer); and also threats (if you promise to blow someone up, be prepared to follow through. EHS members can’t be viewed as idle threats). Avoid any action that would damage EHS’s reputation such that other EHS members have a more difficult time working/trading with other Starbase factions.
3) Working with the rest of the Syndicate
The EHS is likely to have a central base, a central resource fund, or similar arrangement that all EHS members will be free to partake in. As one of the EHS’s main goals is to enable personal freedom while still granting members the benefits of being part of a large group, I will do my best to ensure that the costs of maintaining such structures/infrastructure are as disbursed as possible. With that in mind, EHS members who refuse to assist in any co-operative effort may find their membership suddenly revoked.