Interstellar Rift Server Rules

The following rules and information apply to the IsR game server hosted by Event Horizon.

Section 1: Discord Membership
ALL players are required to be a member of the Discord server before gaming on the “Event Horizon” (EH) Interstellar Rift (IsR) server. Failure to be a member of the Discord will result in a ban from the IsR server. Your Steam name must also match your Discord username for this server, no unusual characters.
Section 2: PvE Starter Systems
Vectron Syx, Sentinel Prime, and Alpha Ventura are admin enforced PvE zones. There are exceptions however. If the ship is over 250k in mass (with cargo), has a T3 device (strip miner and drone bay), or the ship owner has been offline, it does not have PvE protection and can be attacked. If you’re attacking ships matching that description in one of those three star systems, make sure to grab a screenshot of the ship mass just for your own protection. If you are attacked, you can shoot back at the attacker, even if his ship is under 250k. Keep in mind Scaverion and all other systems are still full PvP. If you disturb the peace by attacking a ship, in a PvE system or PvP system, you and any ships you own lose the PvE protection of any PvE system for 72 hours. Ask NathanIsOnline if you have questions about this section.
Section 3: Donations
Event Horizon is run entirely on donations. I can only afford to donate my time. (Of which I donate way too much.) If you would like to donate to Event Horizon, here is a PayPal link:

See #financial-history for info on what money comes in and where it goes.

For every $5 (US) donated, you can pick one of the following: Iron or Hydrogen: 100,000 Steel, Copper, Brass, or Silicon: 30,000 Aluminum, Lead: 10,000 Advanced Ammo: 2,400 Advanced Fuel: 10,000 Fluorite, Gold, Silver, Iridium, Osmium, Platinum, Mercury, or Quartz: 100 Units: 1,000,000` <>If you’re new here and would like to avoid grind, you can donate $20 and receive a starter pack: 100,000 Iron; 30,000 Copper; 30,000 Steel; 10,000 Silicon; 5,000 Brass; 2,000 Aluminum; and 1,000 Lead.

Section 4: Exploits
Don’t exploit bugs, glitches, etcs. to get ahead in the game. If you’re not sure, PM me. Hopefully this didn’t need written down.

Section 5: Special Services
1) Skrill Reduction: pay a fee of 30 million, and have the Skrill level in a system of your choosing set to 0. Note this is not permanent, Skrill level will continue to rise at the usual rate afterwards.
2) Player Locator Service: pay a fee of 10 million Units, and have the location of any player who is online given to you at a 5/6 chance. There is also a 5/6 chance the player will be alerted 5 minutes after the scan.