IsR Organization Stations

Organizations on the Event Horizon IsR server are granted special privileges, including building custom headquarter stations with admin devices; and an invulnerable trade station for you to sell and buy resources from in Vectron Syx. However you must meet the following specifications to acquire a station for your organization.

Organization Headquarters

Headquarter stations are entirely designed by your faction, but there are many things to note about their specifications.
1) Station mass must be less than 1,000,000 (One million)
2) No engines. Thruster are allowed for grav anchors.
3) Weapons and drone hangars are permitted in any quantity (keeping mass in mind).
4) You are required to have a grav anchor, a station shield, an admin armor generator (not more than one), and a transponder in your design. Said transponder must remain active at all times to alert players who enter the system who owns the system and where the station is. Attempting to hide the location of the station by any method is not permitted.
5) No cloak gens.
6) Admin devices are allowed, as many as you’d like. You are not charged for using more or less Unobtainum in the design. However, you can not have Geoff the Faction Droid (May he rest in peace), faction desks, mission boards, ultrahull blocks, or mission dropboxes. If you’re unsure of how to add these to your design, ask NathanIsOnline. (What are admin devices? There are a number of them, but they include Vaults, Store-o-Trons, and infinite power and oxygen generators.)

If your design meets these specifications; your organization can purchase an HQ for 4,800 Crystal Vectronium, paid to Event Horizon. Send NathanIsOnline the .shipz of the design so it can be verified. If approved, you’ll need to travel to your chosen star system with a ship that has a ship editor on board. Your chosen star system must be unclaimed by any other player organization, and can’t be any of the four starter systems. Make sure you check with me before settling on a star system, some star systems may be unavailable for reasons not immediately obvious.

Player Faction Trade Hubs

In addition to the player faction home stations, you can also get a smaller invulnerable trade hub, placed in Vectron Syx. You can purchase one of these as soon as you’ve created an organization, and you don’t have to pay any resources to the server. However, you are responsible for the base materials for this station, unlike your faction HQ; you don’t get any unobtainum for this design; and it needs to be less than 100k in mass. It must also have a grav anchor, thrusters, life support, and enough solar to power it all. (A battery is suggested to run the thrusters as they only fire when the station is bumped.) This station will be marked invulnerable by admin controls, so no armor or shield generators are needed.(edited)Weapons of any sort are prohibited, as are cockpits.Make sure when designing that the cargo rooms are well separated from the trade floor containing the player trade terminals, so you can allow public access to the terminals without risking theft. When you have the design ready, go the Event Horizon Trade Hub in Vectron Syx and build the station from there. I will then mark it invulnerable for no cost.