Please note the following rules are for this Discord and the Event Horizon community as a whole. The Interstellar Rift game server has more complex rules that apply to that server only. For those, see #isr-game-server-rules.

Section 1: Be nice.
Everyone in the Event Horizon community is expected to treat other members with respect at all times. Event Horizon is a pro-PvP community, and while we do not require you to engage in PvP, you still run the risk of being attacked, even by another member of the Event Horizon community. Retaliating with in-game weapons is acceptable. Retaliating with words is not.

Section 2: General Conduct
Racist, sexist, AI-ist, and other prejudiced speech is prohibited, as well as discussions of IRL religions or politics. While Event Horizon is not a strictly SFW community, posting of NSFW images/content is prohibited.

Section 3: New Players
Every video game lives and dies on it’s ability to attract and retain new players. If a new player in any game is (politely) asking for help, please do your best to assist them or direct them to someone who can. Attacking new players is, while not strictly prohibited, frowned upon. Sure you get a temporary high for your cheap victory, but you may have very well ensured he won’t stick around to be a repeat, more challenging, engagement. (Exceptions apply of course, non-polite or aggressive new players are fair game.)

Section 4: Enforcement
Moderation works on a three strike system. You can receive a strike for breaking any of the rules. The first strike gets you a 24 hour mute. Second strike gets you a 72 hour mute. Third strike gets you a 72 hour ban. Further strikes will result in you being banned for life. You may be muted without receiving a strike, and you’ll be given notice for every strike you receive.
Please note the admin reserve the right to issue summary bans for especially heinous offenses for any length of time, including lifetime bans.