Event Horizon Alliance

Event Horizon
The Event Horizon Alliance is a coalition of many of the fleets and independent Event Horizon community members. The Event Horizon Alliance is present in games that require larger groups of players to accomplish certain tasks; or to ensure that EHA members have a large group backing them when interacting with other large player groups, for peaceful and hostile interactions. Currently, the Event Horizon Alliance is present in the following games: Starbase, (additional games are pending review)
If you know of a game that many members of the Event Horizon community play that you think would benefit from the EHA, message NathanIsOnline on our Discord. —>

While the Event Horizon Alliance aims to allow for maximum freedom of it’s members, there are some rules you must agree to follow if you’d like to be a member of the larger Event Horizon Alliance. The main purposes of the following rules are to ensure that A) the Event Horizon Alliance has a consistent reputation with the other groups it interacts with; and B) that that reputation is not a complete negative for the other members of the EHA.

Event Horizon Member Regulations
1) Be Civil
This is essentially the same as Section #1 in #rules , but it’s a rule that bears repeating. It’s a game, there’s nothing anyone can do to warrant starting a screaming match.
2) Be Consistent
Originally this was “Be Honorable”, but that implied EHA members weren’t allowed to use ambush tactics, espionage, sabotage or similar tactics, things that are completely allowed. The goal of this rule is that consistent reputation mentioned earlier. Other groups and players should be able to rely on EHA members doing what they said. This applies to trade deals (no skipping on payment for an agreed upon deal); players offering cargo in exchange for safe passage from pirates (you can’t blow them up anyway after accepting the cargo transfer); and also threats (if you promise to blow someone up, be prepared to follow through. EHA members can’t be viewed as idle threats).
3) Working with the rest of the Alliance
The EHA (depending on the game) is likely to have a central base, a central resource fund, or similar arrangement that all EHA members will be free to partake in. As one of the EHA’s main goals is to maximize personal freedom while still granting members the benefits of being part of a large group, I will do my best to ensure that the costs of maintaining such structures are as disbursed as possible. With that in mind, EHA members who refuse to assist in any co-operative effort may find their membership suddenly revoked.
If you agree to these terms and would like to be a member of the Alliance, type ?join in #general on our Discord. Dyno, the Discord bot, will assign you the needed roles.