Useful IsR Charts and Guides

A chart detailing how the speed cap works and how many of the largest engines you’ll need to move a ship of a given mass at a given speed. Credit to Keodos.

A breakdown of how the power group editor (F4) works and what all the numbers mean. Credit to Keodos.

A complete guide to Nuclear Reactors, very thorough. Credit to MrKiel.

A guide on ACTRs and automation cards for extractors, refineries, 3D printers, salvagers, and assemblers. No info on drone hangar automation. Credit to NathanIsOnline.

From the creator of this tool, Chakes: “So for anyone who’s interested, I made a spreadsheet that’ll calculate the amount of resources you need for the very most things. Just fill in the amount of the resource/item/tool you want to produce, and it’ll tell you how much of which resource you’ll need. Makes life easier when you’re handling big numbers.”

A chart showing the mass of complete stacks of resources. Credit to Keodos. Link

A guide to power groups and IsR power systems. (Spoiler: you don’t need power groups.) Credit to NathanIsOnline.

A tool for calculating warp and rift cost based on ship mass, credit to [ToC] Bloodlust